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Taylor Alison Swift born on December 13th, 1989 is a famous American Pop Singer from the city of Wyoming, Pennsylvania, United States. She rose to fame in the year 2005 with the hit single ‘Tim McGraw’ which climbed the charts to top at no 6 on the billboard, a famous American pop rating chart.

Her songs sold millions of copies and this fetched her album a 3x Platinum label by the RIAA or the Record Industry Association of America. She is also a hot favourite with the press. The New York Times hailed her as a soulful pop singer who is in complete sync with her true inner nature. Surprising for a pop singer of such fame to get a tag of this nature in an age of drunken driving and multiple divorces. Swift is one of the most popular pop singers in the United States with more than a four million copies of albums sold to her credit. The rise to fame has not been a simple story for this starlet.

Early life and Childhood

Taylor swift was born to Andrea Swift and Scott and spent her growing up years in Christmas tree farm close to Reading, Pennsylvania. Her father was a stockbroker and Andrea Scott was a stay at home mother. Taylor Swift began to show talent for song writing and poetry when she won the poetry writing competition in grade four for a poem that stretched to three pages and was about a monster in the closet. This was the first display of a literary talent. She began singing in karaoke contests, fairs and churches in her hometown. Taylor Swift attributes her passion for music to her grandmother and LeAnn Rimes. These were two people who largely influenced her singing when it comes to style. Her grandmother was an opera singer and encouraged her singing from a very young age. She also looks up to Shania Twain and Dixie Chicks for showing how much can be achieved by stretching your boundaries and experimenting with the creativity as far as the music scene is concerned. Taylor Swift had a special interest in country music and looked up to singers like Dolly Parton and Patsy Cline.

Taylor Swift began her musical journey literally by travelling to Nashville with the hope of landing a record deal by giving her demo tapes which had her singing along with karaoke. She was just eleven years old. All was not happy for Taylor as she faced rejection by almost all the record labels. However, on getting back to Pennsylvania, she was asked to sing at the US open Tennis tournament. She rendered the national anthem there which received a lot of positive attention.

At the age of twelve, she had begun to write songs and regularly travelled to Nashville to work with the local songwriters. She continued writing songs and playing the twelve string guitar. Soon, her family moved to the suburbs of Nashville. The first deal that came to her was from RCA records which she rejected as they did not allow her to sing her own songs. Following this, she began performing at the Nashville’s songwriters’ venue where she was spotted and signed by Big Machine Records, a newly formed record label by Scott Borchetta.

Albums that shot Taylor Swift to fame

‘Tim McGraw’ was her first album which topped the charts and shot her to fame. It was first released to radio in 2006 summer and the self titled album released the same year in October. There is a small story behind this song. Taylor swift wrote the song in her freshman year. She was dating this guy and knew they would break up as he was moving to college. She was thinking of all the things that would remind him or her and that was when she wrote the song ‘Tim McGraw’. Swift’s latest album is ‘Fearless’ which was released last November. The album has risen to the numero uno position on the Billboard 200.

Taylor swift is involved in a lot of charity work. She campaigned against online sex crimes along with the governor of Tennessee. The campaign which lasted a year consisted of spreading internet information booklets to parents and children about internet safety.