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The first thing that we remember when we hear Shakira’s name is her powerful voice and unparalleled belly dancing. Born on February 2nd, this singer from Columbia has made her mark as a composer, dancer, producer as well as a philanthropist.

Winning two Grammies as well as eight Latin Grammies, Shakira has firmly established herself in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, earning the much coveted star. She is the only Columbian to win such a prestigious award and to top it all, she was also nominated for two Golden Globe awards.

Childhood of Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll

The name Shakira has an Arabic meaning of ‘Thankful’. Born to parents having Lebanese, Spanish and Italian descent, Shakira spent much of childhood in Barranquilla, Columbia. Right from childhood, Shakira had a very sharp bent of mind and at the age of four, penned down her first poem, ‘Crystal Rose’. Eventually she started writing songs, her first song being ‘Your Dark Glasses’, inspired after her father always wore dark glasses to hide his anguish after one of her half-brothers died in an accident.

When four, she heard someone playing doumbek in a restaurant. Doumbek is a drum that produces Arabic music and is generally accompanied by belly dancing. This was Shakira’s first introduction to belly dancing.

Beginning of a career in music

Ciro Vargas, executive of Sony Columbia, played a pivotal role in shaping up Shakira’s career. He arranged a meeting of Sony executives with Shakira. Shakira sang three songs and the executives were so impressed that they signed her for three albums.

At thirteen, she released her first album, ‘Magia’, singing the songs which she had written when eight. Other than the song ‘Magia’, the album didn’t do very well commercially and sold only a mere 1200 copies.

In Chile’s international song festival, she won the third prize after singing a ballad ‘Eres’. Coincidentally, one of the judges who supported her was Ricky Martin.

In 1993, she released her second album, ‘Peligro’. This album was better received by the audience. However, commercially it was a flop since Shakira had refused to advertise it. She then decided to take a break from singing and decided to finish off with her high school first.

In 1995, Shakira returned back with a new album, ‘Pies Descalzos’, having heavy musical influences from many countries. The album did very well internationally and peaked at number one slot in eight different countries. However in the US charts, it ranked 180 and rank 5 among all Latin albums. 5 songs from this album were major hits and in 1996, the album was declared platinum. She next went on an international tour and in 1997, received three Latin musical awards. Following the album’s success, Shakira released ‘The Remixes’.

Winning the World Music Award, Shakira started work on her fourth album, ’¿Dónde Están Los Ladrones?’. The album was an instant success, earning 4.5 stars in a scale of 5.It became one of the best selling albums in Spanish and two of the songs from this album won Shakira a Latin Grammy. The song ‘Ojos Así’ became very famous and eventually, this album sold over ten million copies.

‘MTV Unplugged’, Shakira’s live album, was recorded in the year 1999. The album received a lot of acclaim from the critics and for being the best Latin album in Pop music, earned a Grammy.

Making a transition to English, Shakira released ‘Laundry Service’. It was at number three position in US charts and songs like ‘Underneath Your Clothes’, ‘Whenever, Wherever’, ‘Objection(Tango)’, ‘The One’, ‘Poem To A Horse’ became international hits. The album fetched her 5 MTV awards and was declared three times platinum.

In 2002, she released a compilation album, ‘Grandes Éxitos’ and in 2004, ‘Live & Off the Record’ hit the markets.

’Fijación Oral Vol. 1’, released on 2005. ‘La Tortura’ from this album was widely popular among all music enthusiasts. ‘Oral Fixation Vol. 2’ released with ‘Don’t Bother’ as the main single. 2 songs ‘Timor’ and ‘How Do You Do’ got into controversy regarding Muslim sentiments.

‘Hips Don’t Lie’ with rapper Wyclef Jean, won her a number one position in US charts and got maximum number of nominations in MTV awards. With Carlos Santana, she recorded ‘Illegal’ and finally selling ten million copies, ’Oral Fixation Vol. 2’, became a huge success.