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P2P Tips

There's an abysmal difference between those who use P2P networks and those who actually know how to use a P2P network. Knowledge changes behavior.

Finding Files: So maybe you are thinking about a song but don't know the song's name? Good news. Google is here to help. Go to and between quotes type a string contained within the song. If you type "I know you miss your mom" + "lyrics" in Google, you will be taken to Eminem's Mockingbird song. Pretty nice, eh? Check it out.

The number of shared files does matter: The RIAA is known for targetting users with more than a specific number of songs. If every song you download goes directly to your shared folder and you download a song per day for five years, you will have more than a thousand songs and will be a likely RIAA target. Play safe by only distributing a small number of files. Do rememeber that to avoid legal problems down the road, it is wise to learn about Legal Information so you can better protect yourself. All countries have different copyright policies, but all of them protect the music creator.

Freelance-downloading: There's many ways to find new music that you never knew existed. We will discuss the best ways to get the hottest music out there. Certain P2P networks have functions to show the newest uploaded media to the network. Even though this seems like the perfect function for any P2P network, it is not so good; for users may upload anything and believe me when I tell you that most people will upload stuff you don't want to hear.

What to do in that situation? You are looking for music but unfortunately don't know where to start looking. I will give you a great hint. Certain P2P networks such as LimeWire have this nifty function that allows you to browse a host's files. This is an excellent idea because music from people who listen to the same as you do is more likely to be more appealing than music from simply "anyone". I tell you this: It's also fun not knowing which song may come up next.

Optimizing Download Speed: Your download speed from a P2P network is only affected by two variables. A) Your download speed and B) other people's "sharing" speed. When there are 500+ sources from any given file, B) is very high, so your download speed is based entirely on you. Furthermore, you must look for ways to increase your download speed. A firewall may be causing you trouble so my recommendation is to look up the network's manual and disable the ports that the network is going to use. It's very simple to do so.

There are two speeds for your connection. Your download speed and your upload speed. If you have a 56k connection, then you will be downloading at an average of 5Kb/s or so - that is - because the download speed is pretty low. If you are looking for a new ISP (Internet Service Provider), then look at the download speed and place especial emphasis on it. Upload speed does not affect your download speed at all and vice versa. Some ISPs offer a 1024kb/s download speed connection for $20/month or so. It's just a matter of looking around for different options. My advice is to keep download speed as high as possible and upload speed anywhere beyond 100kb/s.

Finally, try to get the best P2P software that you can get your hands on. Different networks have a different amount of users and furthermore a different overall download speed. The best advice I can give you is to stick to the mother P2P network that is, the bigger one. Not only does it have a smaller chance of dying, but you will find more sources and have an overall better experience.

Be safe!: P2P networks are known for the enormous amount of viruses/spyware present. Always, and I mean always, have a good updated antivirus program with you. This is very, very important. If you don't have one, you might as well grab your recovery CD.

Money: Be willing to spend a couple of bucks for a better service. Many of the P2P networks charge a two-figure sum of money for their service per annum (or forever). My recommendation is to make that small investment and have faster downloads forever. An example is LimeWire which costs $18 to run on the "pro" mode forever. It is worth it. There are no annoying ADS, and needless to say I can download at 500kb/s+ instantly.

We hope that you liked these tips. Check back soon; for we will continue to expand this page.