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P2P Statistics

P2P is on the rise. In America alone, it is estimated that 50 million users, or a little over 1/3 of America's internet surfers, use some form of P2P network. eDonkey, the most popular P2P network, has a record of almost five million users online at the same time. Kazaa claims that 390 million users have downloaded their software since 2001.

Surprisingly, more than 50% of the files downloaded and 80% files uploaded on the internet are through a P2P network. Out of these, 60% are videos, only 13% are songs and 37% is everything else including software and e-books.

Despite heavy legal action against P2P networks, they don\'t seem to be going anywhere. Kazaa is now banned in Australia, but many alternative easy-to-download P2P programs exist. The legal battle against P2P remains and won't stop anytime soon.

According to a study by Alliance, more than a third of all the software installed in computers is pirated from either the internet or offline sources. P2P networks have an option for users to download software, so despite enormous file size, it is still possible to download such programs in a few hours (depending on the user's download speed and availability).

In the case of music, the problem is not as severe. Three out of four users admit to purchase a CD after downloading it online. According to studies, the loss to music piracy is much less than previously believed. Most people who download music from the internet, wouldn't have bought the CD even if P2P and the internet did not exist. Offline music piracy amounts to 14% of sales.

Back to peer to peer, P2P users are growing by 4% and eDonkey is the #1 network by far. eDonkey supplies results to several programs such as eMule and Overnet. Kazaa, the former biggest network, has not recovered and is losing more users.