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Please remember to read about the legal issues behind downloading music. Here's the top five P2P networks on the net:

Lime Wire - Speaking personally, this is the P2P network I use. It's very fast and reliable. It has the free and paid options which are both very good. I recommend paying the one-time-fee of 17 dollars for very fast downloads. It is worth it in my opinion.

Ares - Behind that small fee, Ares is a very fast and reliable P2P network. The main downside is that it is not free, but common: the fee is only $16 bucks/year.

Kazaa - I was reluctant to add this P2P network here, but apparently many people still use it. I have had MANY spyware programs installed on my computer while using Kazaa, but it is indeed fast and reliable (still). This is one of the oldest P2P networks out there.

Imesh - A free P2P Network. Fast, but not so reliable. I personally do not like the interface; but it is worth downloading if you do not want to pay any fees, etc. As of this writing, Imesh is free.

Shareaza - Free and very damn fast program. It combines Gnutella and other networks of P2P and gets top-notch downloads. Unfortunately, it is hard to configure and support is not as good as one would wish. I recommend this network to the more advanced users and not for those who are just starting with P2P programs.

There's many more P2P networks/programs out there, but above are the ones I've used and have had no problems with. Download and use at your own risk. Be warned that many viruses/spyware propagate through such networks.