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Monica Arnold Denise is one of the most popular American R&B singers who are one of the few who have delivered consecutive hits topping the Billboard charts. She was boron on October 24, 1980 and did her first solo album under Rowdy Records.

Dallas Austin was the record head that time and guided her when she was working on her debut. ‘The boy is mine’ was her duet with singer Brandy which also became a roaring hit. She was one of the most successful female vocalists of the ‘90s to break the male dominance and arrive at the R&B pop scene with plenty of hits.

Career graph

Monica was born in a suburb of Atlanta to Marilyn Best and M.C. Arnold Jr. her mother was a delta airlines customer service representative and her father worked as a mechanic in the Atlanta freight company. She has a brother Montez and two half brothers on the maternal side. Monica’s mother was also a church singer and it is perhaps from her that she gets her singing genes. Right from the tender age of two, Monica would accompany her mother to the local church performances. She continued training herself in singing even after her parents separated and eventually split in the year 1987. By the time she was ten years, Monica had become a regular at most of the talent shows within the town winning several awards before becoming a full time professional singer. It was during one of such shows that she was spotted by Dallas Austin, a music producer. She was performing at the Centre Stage Auditorium in Atlanta at that time. He was totally amazed by her voice and immediately signed her up for a record deal. Actress and Rapper, Queen Latifa became Monica’s first manager. Her first debut was titled ‘Miss Thang’

Monica was not one of those lucky ones to taste success with her first record. After years of recording her debut album, the album received mixed reviews when it released on July 18, 1995. The long player had a very moderate debut. It was ‘Miss Thang’ that topped the charts and turned to be a triple platinum record sale. This was mainly due to the tremendous efforts that went into its sales strategy as well as the many hit singles that accompanied the song. Before this song, there were some singles of hers that were pre released such as ‘Like this and Like that’ and ‘don’t take it personal’. After the hit of ‘Miss Thang’, even the pre released songs rose the charts to top the US Billboard. There was no looking back for her after this. She continued producing a string of hits such as ‘Why I love you so much’ and ‘For you I will’. She also began her first appearance is ‘Nutty Professor’.

She joined hands with Brandy to produce the next hit ‘The boy is mine’. This catapulted her to dizzying heights of fame. ‘First night’, ‘Angel of mine’ and ‘Right here waiting’ were some of her other hits.


Following the super hits that shot her to fame, Monica faced some hardships in the period 2001-2004. All was not rosy in her life. She had a stormy relationship with her former fiancé Corey C-Murder Miller. Her boyfriend, Jarvis ‘Knot’ Weems was a local drug dealer and a childhood friend. when visiting Weem’s brother’s grave, Jarvis ‘Knot’ Weems simply shot himself in his head. This left Monica completely devastated. This was treated with the help of some spiritual guidance from her parents. She also had an on an off relationship with rapper Rodney. She had actually been dating him since the age of 19. the couple gave birth to a son who was given the nickname of Lil Rocko.

Rising from the ashes

Monica went into a musical hiatus after her boyfriend’s suicide. It took her four years to return with an album ‘All eyes on me’ and her single ‘so gone’ became a runaway hit. ‘You should’ve known better’ and ‘Knock Knock/get it off’ received lukewarm response though the critics were all praise for this album. She took a break after the birth of her son and returned with the album, ‘The Makings of me’ in 2006. The song though topped the charts; it failed to make an impact as far as the sales figures were concerned. It has been Monica’s lowest selling album till date. She is currently working on her fifth album ‘Still Standing’.