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Born in 1970 in Huntington, New York, Mariah Carey was the youngest and third child of Patricia and Alfred Roy Carey. Singing seemed to run in her genes, since her mother was an opera singer. When three, Mariah Carey’s parents divorced and her mom shifted a number of jobs to support the family.

At home, when alone, she turned to her mother’s music to keep herself occupied and started imitating her mom’s voice. This is how this musical prodigy was born.

Cinderella style entry to the musical industry

Graduating from Harborfields High School in New York, Mariah worked with musicians like Ben Margulies and Gavin Christopher to prepare her demo track. She shifted to New York and became the backup singer for Brenda K. Strarr, a Puerto Rican singer.

In 1988, at a party, Starr met Tommy Mottola, executive of Columbia Records and gave him Carey’s tape. Tommy Mottola listened to the tape and was so impressed that he tracked Mariah down and gave her a contract.

Success story:

In 1990, she released her debut album, ‘Mariah Carey’, which reached slot number one in US charts and it remained the top for many weeks. Getting praise from all the critics, she won a Grammy. 4 singles from this song made Mariah Carey an icon.

Soon after, she released her second album, ‘Emotions’. However it was not very successful and critics termed it to be repetitive. The single ‘Emotions’ did well though with the audiences.

Mariah Carey was very frightened of performing on stage and this stage fright was responsible for her not going on a major promotional tour. She appeared on MTV Unplugged, a popular TV series and her performance there was widely lauded.

Marriage and popularity

While working on her debut album, Tommy Mottola and Mariah Carey became more than friends and they tied the knot in 1993. Later that same year, she released ‘Music Box’, which gained much popularity. The songs, ‘Hero’,’Dreamlover’ gained the number one position.

‘Merry Christmas’, her holiday album, became the most successful album released on Christmas. ’All I Want for Christmas Is You’ became a major success.

1995 saw the release of her next album ‘Daydream’. Having a bit of hip hop influence, this album became the best selling album in the US. ‘One Sweet Day’, ‘Fantasy’ and ‘Always Be My Baby’ became record holders and catapulted Mariah Carey to become one of the most popular music artists of all times.

In 1997, she separated from Mottola. The split was widely publicized in the media and Mariah admitted that the marriage was not happy from the very beginning.

Period of emotional ups and downs

‘Butterfly’, her next album was also well received and the single ‘Honey’ became a favorite with all. In between she got into a relationship Derek Jeter, a baseball player. However not being able to withstand media pressure, the pair broke up.

With Whitney Houston, she recorded a duet song, ‘When You Believe’. It was the soundtrack of ‘Prince of Egypt’ and received an Academy Award.

In 1999, she released ‘Rainbow’. Having a lot of hip hop mix, this album had singles like ‘Thank God I found You’ and ‘heartbreaker’.

The next few years spelled disaster for Mariah Carey. She parted ways with Columbia and was signed in by Virgin Records. During this time, she went an emotional and public breakdown and had to get checked in some hospital.

Virgin records bought out her contract and her partial autobiographical film ‘Glitter’ fared very badly in the box-office.

Return of the star

2005 saw the release of her tenth album ‘Emancipation of Mimi’. She won a Grammy for this album and songs like ‘Shake it off’ and ‘We Belong Together’ ruled the charts. She started touring, known as ‘The Adventures of Mimi Tour’ and got a lot of positive vibes from her fans.

In 2007, she released ’E=MC2 ‘, which got mixed reactions. The single ‘Touch My Body’ was a musical success, occupying the number one slot for seventy-nine weeks.

In 2008, she married Nick Cannon, an actor in her own private villa. Now happily married, she recently performed ‘Hero’ when Barrack Obama was sworn in as the President of The United States.