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Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr aka Lil Wayne is a popular American rap artist born on 27th September 1982 in New Orleans, Louisiana. His popularity increased by a great extent with the release of the album 'Tha Carter' in 2004.

Due to the popularity of the same led to the release of the albums 'Tha Carter II' and 'Tha Carter III' in the years 2005 and 2008 respectively. Presently, Lil Wayne is working on the album 'Rebirth' that is scheduled to be released in 2009.

Early Life

Lil Wayne was born and brought up in the Hollygroves part of New Orleans, Louisiana. His interest in music and other art forms could be seen at an early age, when he enrolled for the gifted program of his school – the Lafayette Elementary School and the drama club in his secondary school – Eleanor McMain Secondary School. He also wrote his first rap song at the age of 8.

At the age of eleven, he met the owner of Cash Money Records, Bruce Williams, who later went on to mold Wayne's career and supported him in a number of ways. His songs were also distributed by Cash Money Records.

Lil Wayne left his school at the age of 14, but later earned his GED.


Lil Wayne formed his first rap group Hot Boys, at the age of 15 along with the rappers B.G., Turk and Juvenile in the year 1997. they debuted with the album 'Get It How You Live!'. This album was followed by 'Guerilla Warfare' that topped the charts for R&B and Hip-Hop music in the Billboard magazine. It also achieved the number 5 spot in Billboard 200. These were the only two albums released by Hot Boys. However in the year 2003, many of the unreleased tracks of these groups were released under the title 'Let 'Em Burn'.

The disbandment of Hot Boys led to the beginning of Lil Wayne's solo career. The first album 'Tha Block is Hot', released when he was 17, won him the nomination for Source magazine's award in the category “Best New Artist”. The album also made it to the top ten list.

'Lights Out' was the album he released next. It failed to achieve any significant success. In the year 2004, his most popular album, 'Tha Carter' was released. According to many critics, this album showed an improvement in his style. The album has sold over a million copies in the USA. A single 'Go DJ' also reached number 5 in the charts. The cover of the album also featured a photo of Lil Wayne with dreadlocks, that have now become his trademark.

The success of 'Tha Carter' led to the release of 'Tha Carter II' in December the next year. This was the first of Lil Wayne's albums that was not produced by Cash Money Records. Instead, the production was handled by Mannie Fresh, who used to formerly work as a producer for Cash Money Records. The album had a record sales of over 238000 copies in the first week and has gone on to sell over 2 million copies throughout the world. The album made a debut at number 2 in the Billboard 200 charts. 'Fireman' was the lead single in the album, that reached number 32 in the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

In the year 2005, Lil Wayne was named the President of Cash Money Records and founded Young Money Entertainment, a child organization of Cash Money. However, late in the year 2007, he relieved himself from the presidential duties of both the organizations.

In the years 2006 and 2007, Lil Wayne appeared in collaboration with a number of artists. 'Like Father, Like Son' was an album released in collaboration with the rapper Birdman. This was followed by a large number of guest appearances and mix tapes of hip-hop songs. The most popular among the mixed tapes are 'Dedication 2' and 'Da Drought 3'. Dedication 2 that was produced with DJ Drama features the track Georgia Bush, that criticized the former US President George w. Bush's efforts in alleviating the ill-effects of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans.

'Tha Carter III' was released in the year 2008. The delay in its release occurred, as most of the tracks of the album were leaked. Lil Wayne is currently working on a number of projects including 'Rebirth' and 'Tha Carter IV'.