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Burning Music to a Cd

Burning music is easy.

Have the music.

First you must virtually have the music in your computer. This can be accomplished by downloading it or copying it from another source such as a CD or flash drive. Save it to a folder and, if you want, re-name the files so you know which file is which. This will be useful for arranging the play order and, if your stereo supports it, knowing the song that will play next. The best name for a song is short and something you can easily distinguish. Sometimes the best is [Song Name] - [Author]. Or maybe even [Song Name] only.

Decide Location

In order to use your CD to the maximum, you must know which music format your stereo supports. Modern stereos support MP3, but older ones don't. MP3 has the advantage of being very well compressed, so while in a CD you could only store 17 .WAV songs, in MP3 format you can store 60 or more. All computers now support MP3 format, but cars don't, so check it first before burning music. About the quality, it's the same.

Burn the CD

There are many CD burners out there. Some, if not most, of the Media Players have built-in CD burners. Windows Media Player, despite being a Windows product, is very simple to use and straight forward. I don't ever recall having a problem with it.

Let's say you have the music in a folder neatly arranged, know your stereo's format and have Windows Media Player (WMP). If you don't have WMP, go to the next section.

Insert a blank CD into your CD burner. Now Windows will ask you what to do with the new CD. Select to open the containing folder. Now cut and paste all your music into this folder and select "Write these files to CD". You should be presented with the CD Writing Wizard. Follow the steps and where you are asked to make a data CD or audio CD, choose according to your stereo's format support. If it supports MP3, choose the data CD. If it doesn't, choose audio CD. MP3 files will be automatically converted to .WAV for you.

Lastly, you must arrange the files in whatever order you want and start burning the CD. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes, but sometimes it takes longer so be patient.

Using Alternative CD burning software

Almost every CD burning program supports copying music. Nero is one of my personal favorites, but there are others. If your stereo does not support MP3 and you have MP3 files, you will need a MP3 to WAV converter. There are many and some of them are free.

The whole process is pretty much the same. Insert the CD; ask for audio if you don't want MP3 - or data if you do want MP3. Finally... burn.