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Christopher Maurice Brown more popularly known as Chris Brown is a man of many talents. He is famous for his exploits at the acting stage, his tryst with pop singing and song writing as well as being a video director has won him the wholesome name of being called a complete entertainer.

Brown was the first male artist whose songs topped the charts in the year 2005. The song ‘Run It’ from the album ‘Chris Brown’ won him accolades and was a career defining album tat rose to occupy the top slot in the Billboard 200 charts. The album sold more than a million copies and was awarded the platinum certification by the RIAA or the Recording Industry Association of America.

Early life and Childhood

Chris Brown hails from the town of Tappahannock in Virginia. He was born to Clinton Brown and Joyce Hawkins. He began demonstrating the artistic streaks in him at the tender age of two when he first danced. His penchant for music was also apparent when he sang for the church choir. According to him, he was most influenced by the soulful and the melodious songs that his parents listened to in his growing up years. The latent talent for music in him was first spotted by his mother who supported him in his decision to become a vocalist. Brown did not have a rosy childhood. He was deeply affected by the violence that persisted between his mother and her boyfriend who left hatred brewing in his heart for her boyfriend lasting up to this day.

His mother started looking for a deal in records to give Chris a start in his singing career. His father owned a gas station. It was in fact in this gas station that a local record company which was hunting for fresh talent spotted Chris Brown first. The role of fate and destiny cannot be ignored in Brown’s life. Jina Davis, the manager of the production house originally wanting to sign Chris Brown lost her job the next day. She chose to become his manager and landed him a deal with another production house, Jive Records. Brown left school in the year 2004 to start working on his singing career full time. Early 2005 saw Brown working on his first album with the likes of Dre and Vidal, Jermaine Dupri and Scott Storch.

The sparkling path to a glittering Fame

Brown broke into stardom with his debut single ‘Run It’ which not only topped the charts in the US but also New Zealand, Australia and the UK. It sold a record 155,000 copies in the first week of sales, one of the best sales figures for a debut album. The sales only rose with each week totalling a final figure of 2.1 million copies in the United States alone and more than a three million copies worldwide. His other hits were ‘Yo (Excuse me miss)’ and ‘Excuse me miss’ which also scorched the charts. He was also the video director for these chart toppers. His next hit that released in the year 2006 was the hit, ‘Gimme That’ featuring Lil Wayne. Although this song was not originally suppose to feature in the album, the decision to include it was definitely not a vain attempt for it became a roaring success.

Chris Brown appeared in the opening of the Beyonce Experience in Australia where he lived it up to the part of the R&B singer hands down. His tours have earned him a large international fan base and his energy on stage is believed to be infectious. The up close and personal tour was one such tour. It was actually a promotional tour for his album. Chris Brown believes in making music that connects him with the younger audience. ‘Wall to wall’, ‘Kiss’ and ‘with you’ were some of the hit singles that won him more fans internationally. Surprisingly for a man who is so famous, he has never been involved in any form of controversies till date. He is in fact known more for his dedication to work and his charity work with St Jude’s Children’s Research hospital. He is believed to have donated a whopping 50,000 US dollars and has even starred as a host in a program to promote it.